Development of a promotion strategy

We create a strategy for the following audiences:

For beginners…

If you do not know how to make a name for yourself and where to start …

  • We will hold a consultation where you will tell in detail about your brand
  • We will monitor the market, examine your competitors, your strengths/weaknesses
  • Develop an individual strategy and a concept from scratch
  • We will be able to offer 3 types of promotion with different budgets: large-scale, medium, minimum

For those who want a change ...

If you have previously come into the spotlight, but did not see the effect of the work, we will help to fix it:

  • We will hold a consultation
  • We will study your past experience
  • We will offer a rebranding strategy
  • We will develop a new concept for you.
  • We will draw a budget

For those who have an idea or a ready-made concept

We will implement it!